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Only Representative services for non EU manufacturers and formulators

EU REACH Only Representative in Germany

We, REACh ChemConsult GmbH, have been representing many non-EU manufacturers of chemical substances and formulators of mixtures as their only representative in the EU since 2008 and have carried out many REACH registrations for them.

If you are a Non-EU manufacturer of substances on its own, in preparations and to a certain extent in articles, you should appoint an Only Representative in the EU in order to keep your existing distribution chain and to be flexible on your EU-customers. Non-EU formulators of mixtures are also allowed to appoint us as your only representative.

We offer the REACH Only Representative Service (OR) according to Article 8, REACH-Regulation, and we can help you as a Non-EU company to bring your products to the EU.

First necessary steps:

Get an Only Representative in the EU for the registration of the substances you market in the EU to benefit from only one "REACH"-Importer.

The Non-EU manufacturer has to inform his direct customers in the EU on the contact details of the appointed Only Representative. Thus the direct customers in the EU have to fulfil less extensive duties as a downstream user only.

The benefits of appointing an Only Representative are clear:

  • You do not need your own company in the EU
  • You will be REACH compliant
  • Your confidential information are communicated to the Only Representative only
  • No sensitive data will be disclosed to customers
  • You have direct control of the registration process of your substances
  • Your EU-customers do not need to register their substances

You can benefit from our experience in chemical assessment and REACH specific knowledge! Do you need an Only Representative in the EU or would you like to change it? Then please contact us for a competetive offer! We look forward to working with you.