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IUCLID Seminar for REACH, 2-day seminar: 4th/5th of June 24 in Dresden  

Avoid accidents: HAZOP/ LOPA/ Human Factors/ Functional Safety Seminar;

IUCLID seminar on PCN Poison Centre Notification to ECHA

We offer the following seminar: IUCLID training for PCN notification to ECHA's Poison Centre Notification Portal.

Seminar on the creation and transmission of a PCN notification to the poison control centre at ECHA

For mixtures that are classified as hazardous to health or as hazardous due to physical effects, there is an obligation to notify these products to the competent authority. In Germany, this requirement could previously be fulfilled by notifying the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In all other EU member states, an independent national notification was also required. With the introduction of Annex VIII as implementation of Article 45 of the CLP Regulation (Regulation [EC] No. 1272/2008), the notification procedure has been harmonised and fundamentally changed. The notification is now made via the Poison Centre Notification Portal (PCN Portal) at ECHA.

The notification requires its own format, which can be created, for example, with the IUCLID software used to register substances. The notification can be submitted for several member states simultaneously via the new European notification portal.

The IUCLID seminar for PCN notification can be booked as a beginner's course.

The IUCLID seminar on PCN notification covers the following topics (selection):

  • short introduction to IUCLID6 – Legal aspects – REACH IT/ ECHA Submission Portal
  • IUCLID system overvie
  • User administration - creation of different user accounts with different access rights
  • UFI code generation (Unique formula identifier)
  • Creation of mixtures for the product to be reported/ for mixtures containing it
    Creation of substances, import of reference substances/ new creation if necessary, assign substance to reference substance
  • IUCLID data record entry and maintenance in different IUCLID sections for the data required for a PCN notification
  • What needs to be considered for relabelling/rebranding?
  • Explanation of the special feature "Mixture in Mixture"
  • Importing/ exporting/ printing IUCLID data records
  • Dossier creation
  • Creation/ import/ export of dossiers
  • Aspects of the technical completeness check - Validation tool
  • Dossier submission process in the ECHA submission portal
  • Use of IUCLID tools (search, validation assistant)

A complete dossier is created step by step by each participant on their own computer until submission. The training courses can also be customised to meet customer requirements.

We currently only offer the seminar on request, either at your premises or ours, also as an online seminar. Alternatively, we can take care of the PCN notification for your affected mixtures.

Contact our competent team for a quote or further information.

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